57 Footwear

57footwear is owned and operated by five partners which each have no less than 20 years of experience with different skills of footwear design and production. Now we have gathered the most experienced, talented and passionate co-workers for shoes under one roof, to create the best possibilities for designing and developing strong products for strong brands.

57footwear is based in Gothenburg, which is located on the 57's latitude. We see us a company with modern thinking and traditional values. Our company's mission is to source and design footwear collections for international brands with a global distrubution. To present a complete collection, all parts and areas of the development need to be carefully overlooked and followed through. Our collections are created based on the expected standards in terms of design, price range and quality.

We follow the products carefully during the complete process and no details are insignificant to 57footwear. An important part of our process is to understand what the final consumer is looking for in the future.  We base this not only on our experience and knowledge, but also on the effects of coming trends and directions on the markets. It is a key point for us to have the right tools to be able to build the collection not only according to the directions of the brands but also in a way to meet the requests from the customers in terms of price and trend levels. We see all this as important information that together with our teams handwriting are adapted into the collections and developed to meet the demands of our final consumer.As a company we see the importance of building long lasting and trustful relationships with our collaboration parties. Our experience together with professional partners gives us the confidence to develop footwear collections that have the balance between being commercial and up to date. 57footwear greatest aims are to fulfill expectation and supply our customer with fantastic collections.