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“Our philosophy is to create footwear collections that exceed the expectations of the market.
We believe in the importance of acting professionally and that good relationships are the key to great success.”

We love shoes.

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The Brands

Working in collaboration with international brands it is vitally important that we treat the foundation of the brand with respect. We aim to understand the core values of the brand and adapt these into the footwear collection. Each brands has it owns life.

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We see the sourcing and production as a very important part of the process. It is a key point to collaborate with companies that provide us with solid and uniform footwear production and fulfill our requests and high standard.

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Hamm Market Solutions  GmbH & KG ”HMS” have the positions as license holder and distributors for the footwear collections. For more than 25 years HMS has been active and leading in the field of transferring brands into the international footwear market.

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Final Stage